A Beautiful Transformation

New Mom Jessica Townsend was ready for a change and Beauty Brands stylist Kendra Raymer delivered

Jeremey Theron Kirby


It stays with us through thick and thin. From those awkward bangs to the first gray, it changes at every age, stage and milestone. Sometimes it changes of its own will, but when we are lucky, it evolves for the better at the hands of an artist.

Jessica Townsend has a happy marriage, a great job and recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl. The only problem? Not so much “me time.” With her big three-0 right around the corner it was the perfect time for an upgrade — a beauty transformation. 

Having the same haircut and style for years with varying shades of blonde, Jessica was ready for something that made a statement and reflected her optimistic, young and vibrant personality. 

Beauty Brands’ expert stylist Kendra Raymer was enlisted to give Jessica a new look complete with hair and makeup services. Kendra used her top-tier training and years of experience to guide Jessica through the process, exploring individual features like skin tone, eye color and face shape to create a customized and flattering look. 

Jessica’s natural tone was radiating pink, so Kendra went with a neutral color for her hair base and applied balayage to add dimension. Balayage is a technique in which the dye is hand painted to create a softer, more natural look compared to highlights. Next, Kendra applied Strong Sexy Hair Color Safe Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner to help strengthen and protect Jessica’s new locks. 

“If you invest in coloring your hair, it’s important to use the right products to maintain the quality and look,” said Raymer. “While salon-brand shampoos can be pricier, they have the high-grade ingredients needed to prevent fading and damage. Because they are concentrated with premium ingredients, you can use less with each wash.”

Next, it was time to shake up the cut. “Jessica’s hair was one length which wasn’t giving any body or volume to her hair,” said Raymer. “I knew we needed to give her something that she could easily style at home, so I thinned her hair and went with a lob [long bob].” 

Kendra then took a ton of weight out of Jessica’s hair with a razor cut which also added texture giving the hair more bounce and body throughout. “She can very easily recreate this look at home with the Sexy Hair products we used. It is easy to maintain and style. She can wear it straight or curly — either way it’s going to look great,” said Raymer. 

For the finishing touches of Jessica’s new look, Kendra used the tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette Volume 2. “I know how precious her time is in the mornings, so this palate is perfect,” said Raymer. “It has everything in one (eyeshadow, highlighter, blush and bronzer), and the colors are easy to mix together and very transitional, so even if she’s in a hurry, she won’t have to worry about any harsh lines.” 

Finally, it was time for the big reveal. When Jessica’s chair spun around, you could immediately see a change in both the way she looked and felt. She couldn’t stop smiling. 

“I love it! It looks SO good,” she screamed. “I would have never thought to do this. I love the texture and all the dimension I have now. Instead of one flat length it’s got so much volume and its light and fun!” 

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