Downtown K.C.'s Coolest New Hotel

The new Savoy at 21c Museum

Wheat Photography courtesy of 21c Museum Hotels.

Kansas City is welcoming a new kind of hotel experience by 21c Museums. Located in eight different cities across the country and claiming the title as one of the largest contemporary art museums in the United States, the latest addition; The Savoy at 21c Museum Hotel will bring a modern flair to the downtown Kansas City hotel scene.

The highlight of the hotel is the art. There will be everything from rotating, curated exhibitions, to site-specific installations and cultural programming. The management of the 21c hotel chain says the re-imagining of the Savoy as a boutique hotel/art museum/restaurant was a delicate walk of staying true to the history of the building and yet updating it with a more modern vibe. 

That same philosophy was applied to the Savoy Grill which was part of the extreme makeover (and opens July 3). The chef - Joe West  has 16 years of culinary experience including at one of Kansas City’s favorites; Stock Hill Steakhouse. The restaurant can seat 125 guests and will give you a “true feel of mid-century dining that will showcase the Kansas City native’s take on classic Americana, with a keen focus on a modern-day palate, delivered with exacting technique.”

The hotel is taking reservations starting August 5th and includes 120 rooms and suites starting at $255 a night. The space includes a fitness center, ballroom that holds up to 150 people, a rooftop with an outdoor terrace with a view of the Missouri River. 

The 21c museum hotels have been voted among the top 10 hotels in the world.