I Bought the Same Food at 4 Different Overland Park Grocery Stores. Here's How Much I Spent at Each.

435 writer Katy Baldwin experimented doing her weekly shopping at Whole Foods, Aldi, HyVee, and Price Chopper — and the price differences were insane.

The weekly grocery haul from Whole Foods

Katy Baldwin

Ever wonder how much money you could save on food if you shopped at a different grocery store? Contributing writer Katy Baldwin has done the research for us by spending the past month doing her weekly shopping at four different Overland Park grocery stores — Whole Foods, Aldi, Price Chopper, and HyVee. Needless to say, her results were eye opening.

Baldwin, who says she spends a lot of time grocery shopping — and thinking about food in general — wanted to identify if Whole Foods, her favorite grocer, was as expensive as its reputation.

“Though many of my friends find shopping at Whole Foods, a/k/a "whole paycheck" a bit pricey, I find the shopping experience to be the most pleasant there and I enjoy the quality and access to healthier options worthwhile,” says Baldwin. “I wanted to prove I wasn’t spending an absurd amount of money by choosing Whole Foods over a typical Overland Park grocery store, like Price Chopper.”

For this experiment, Baldwin took her weekly grocery list and went shopping at the start of each week at a different grocery store. For the purposes of the experiment, she avoided sale items.

Baldwin purchased the following: a 24-pack of bottled water, a dozen eggs, mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, bananas, baking potatoes, onions, low fat milk, turkey slices, bacon, chicken thighs, ground beef, and whole grain bread.

So how much did she spend? Here were her results.

The cheapest: Aldi

Baldwin's Aldi grocery haul

Total: $37.45

The second cheapest: Price Chopper

Baldwin's price chopper grocery haul. photography by katy baldwin

Total: $45.30

The second most expensive: HyVee

Baldwin's HyVee Grocery Haul. Photo by Katy Baldwin

Total $46.31

The Most Expensive: Whole Foods

Baldwin's Whole Food's Haul. Photo by katy baldwin

Total: $59.99

"By the end of the month, I was blown away by the difference in price totals between Whole Foods and Aldi which came to a shocking $22.54. I was also quite surprised by the number of healthy options available at Aldi, a store I honestly haven't shopped since the 90's. 

After examining all of the receipts, I feel it's important to point out that using Price Chopper's 'Shopper Chopper card' resulted in a whopping $5.34 savings. HyVee touts savings at the gas pump, which for me is confusing and too disconnected from what I'm actually paying for at the time I buy groceries there. Whole Foods has also recently added a potential savings for Amazon Prime members. "You can save 10% on sale items if you present the Whole Foods/Amazon app at checkout" said Baldwin. Believe me, I tried to download the app to lower my total on the spot, but due to the side eye I was getting from the 2 shoppers behind me, I decided to try that at a later time.

"Over all, I doubt I'll discontinue my Whole Food indulgence, but I expect the visits will be less frequent. I have added Aldi to my rotation and I'm happy to report the quality has remained consistent."