Shaved Ice Delight

Photos by Traci Sipple, shaved ice provided by Paige’s KC


Ice is having a moment. From sophisticated cocktail cubes in a variety of shapes so abundant it would make any geometry teacher happy, to fruit, flower and veggie-infused ice that is less about cooling a drink and more about ice as an art form. But perhaps nothing has come further in the ice evolution than shaved ice. Once a lowly carnival offering incorporating chunks of ice covered in what tasted like the flavor remnants at the bottom of a Kool-Aid pitcher — shaved ice has now gone glam. 

Behold the wonder of today’s shaved ice offerings with all-natural flavor profiles: they’re not just good, but, dare we say, good for you? Take for instance the mango shaved ice from Paige’s where the ice has been hand-scraped and then machine manipulated into a consistency so fine and powdery that it resembles the snow you would imagine angels skiing on. That frosty offering is then soaked in a luscious liquid mango syrup made from fresh fruit and finished off with just the slightest sprinkle of chili powder before it’s christened with toasted coconut. 

The best part is: once you take the first bite, it’s just you and your shaved ice — chilling out so thoroughly that, for just a moment, the scorching July heat seems to subside.