TopGolf to Offer a Swingin' Good Time

With bright lights, upbeat music and trailblazing golf technology, TopGolf Overland Park will bring edge to an age-old pastime when it opens this summer.

     With summer officially here, it’s time for golfers to dust off their irons, polish up their drivers and head back out to the course. In addition to rejoining life on the links, you might want to check out the city’s newest and most cutting-edge golf facility when it opens this summer. Folks, this is not your grandpa’s driving range.

     TopGolf, which is slated to open mid- to late June at the corner of 106th Street and Nall Avenue just north of I-435 in Overland Park, is a 65,000-square-foot, three-level golf entertainment complex that is home to 102 climate-controlled hitting bays and a 240-yard outfield with dartboard-esque targets.

     The object of the game is simple — hit Topgolf’s patent-protected golf balls, which contain personalized microchips, at the targets and let the balls do the rest. The balls will track your score as well as the accuracy and distance of your shot, all of which will show up on the screens in your hitting bay. The closer to the center of the target you get and the farther out you hit your ball, the more points you receive.

     Depending on what type of competition you fancy, TopGolf allows you to choose your battle. Top Golf, being the club’s signature competition, is undoubtedly the most popular, but others, such as Top Chip (for fans of the short game), and Top Drive (go long!) are amongst other favorites.

     “It’s like golf, bowling and darts all rolled into one super-fun and social game,” says TopGolf Overland Park’s Director of Operations David Kim. “You can enjoy a little competition while you throw back a cocktail or take in a delicious meal with a group of friends.”

     TopGolf Overland Park is also home to a 15,000-square-foot high-end restaurant and bar space, a 4,300-square-foot roof-level beer garden, more than 230 high-definition televisions, and a 3,000-square-foot private event space.

     “During the day, TopGolf offers a very family-friendly atmosphere,” Kim says. “But it’s definitely a step up from putt-putt. In the evenings, the facility transforms into more of an adult, sports bar atmosphere with live music and DJs.” 

     TopGolf’s kitchen will offer from-scratch food items, including brisket, chili cheese fries, craft beer, queso, flatbread pizzas, sliders, Cajun tilapia wraps, specialty burgers and entree salads. In addition, TopGolf’s energetic and helpful “Bay Hosts” will be on-hand to take customer orders and deliver food and beverages directly to the hitting bays, which seat six people each. Just don’t be surprised if your server takes a break from bringing you cold drafts to break out in song or take part in a flash mob — it’s all part of the experience.

     TopGolf was founded in 2000 by brothers Steve and Dave Jolliffe as they were practicing their swings on a driving range in North London, England. As they pondered how nice it would be to tell exactly how far and how close to the pin their shots were, the brothers decided to turn the “what ifs” into a reality.

     For serious golfers, TopGolf (Top standing for Target-Oriented Practice) provides the ability to accurately track each and every stroke with precision. Not to mention the fact that a game at Topgolf takes a fraction of the normal four to five hours it takes to play a round on a traditional course.

     For more casual golfers, TopGolf offers lessons, summer camps, leagues and golf pros who can be found at the facility who are eager to help shape the next generation of Tigers and Mickelsons. And everyone will be well-equipped at TopGolf, as there are plenty of clubs for adults and kids available on-site for no rental fee.

     “We allow beginners to play golf without investing in clubs, golf cart rentals and pricey green fees,” Kim says. “From the 4-year-old hitting the ball 100 yards to the 50-year-old man hitting the ball 20 yards, everyone has a good time.”

     At TopGolf, every player needs a membership card to compete. Memberships start as low as a $5 for a one-time visit and range up to $250 for a platinum membership. Hourly rates are per bay and range from $20 to $40 per hour, depending on the day and hour you choose. TopGolf is a first-come, first-serve venue, and reservations are not necessary. However, for those looking to book a bay during a specific time frame, it might serve you well to purchase a VIP Priority Pass (available at Priority Passes give members the ability to select a specific date and time, up to seven days in advance, to be added to the top of the bay list. Keep in mind, also, that an adult must accompany patrons age 16 and younger.

     Since being sold for more than $28 million to a group of private investors (including Callaway Golf) by the Jolliffe brother in 2011, TopGolf has relocated to Dallas and has grown exponentially in the United States market.  Today, TopGolf has 26 locations worldwide—23 in the U.S. and three in the U.K. By 2017, TopGolf is on track to have opened 50 U.S. locations, bringing its annual attendance to more than 18 million people a year nationwide.

      TopGolf Chief Development Officer and COO Randy Starr estimates that TopGolf’s Overland Park location will attract about 450,000 visitors in its first year of operation, more than half of whom would describe themselves as “non-golfers.”  In addition, TopGolf will offer prime opportunities for local corporation use in terms of entertaining clients and on-site team-building activities.

     “We are very excited to become a part of the Kansas City community and work closely with local businesses, schools and non-profits creating a unique synergy that benefits this city,” Kim says. “We’re proud to call Kansas City home.”

   For more updates on TopGolf Overland Park’s opening and upcoming events, visit or