KC Pet Project to Host Dog 'Wedding' Fundraiser Oct. 14

grace and charlie on west 39th street on the day of their engagement


Kansas City’s largest no-kill shelter is putting on the ultimate fundraising event and canine wedding, and luckily, the event isn’t invitation-only.

“Happily Ever After KC” will feature Grace and Charlie, two dogs who have been friends since their school days at Pembark Hill. After attending college and going their separate ways, they reunited at the Miss Ameripaw Pageant, and not much later, Charlie proposed.

To raise money for KC Pet Project, the dogs’ wedding is open to all with the purchase of a ticket, but donations to the shelter via the couple’s wedding registry are happily accepted as well. Proceeds from the event will help provide food, vaccinations, bedding and more to those animals in the shelter waiting for adoption.

The dogs’ wedding will be held on Oct.14 at 6 p.m. at The Loretto. Tickets are $125 and include access to the open bar and to refreshments by Cupini’s. Guests can throw on their best wedding attire, enjoy entertainment by Diamond Empire Band and, along with 11 of the dogs’ closest friends who will be attending the wedding as bridesmaids and groomsmen, celebrate the happy couple’s new life together.

To read Grace and Charlie’s full story, learn more about the event or purchase tickets, visit happilyeverafterkc.com/.