Secrets of Continued Success

Losing weight is a huge challenge for millions of Americans, but it is even more difficult to successfully lose weight and keep the weight off. I reached out to a few of my clients who have lost weight and maintained the weight loss. Here are some of their sound success strategies for keeping the weight off.

Bryan Busby, Chief Meteorologist, KMBC-TV

    Bryan Busby, 27 pounds lighter 2 years later. photo: Tailwind Photography

Starting Weight: 218 pounds 
Current Weight: 191 pounds
Pounds Lost: 27 pound weight loss maintained 2.5 years

Bryan’s weight loss was profiled in 435 South magazine in 2009. People continue to stop him everywhere he goes to talk to him about his impressive weight loss. Bryan says people are even more stunned to see how much smaller he looks in person. (As a side note, Bryan gets more attention than any professional athlete I’ve ever gone to lunch with or grocery shopping with, including Tony Gonzalez and Priest Holmes.)

Here’s an update on Bryan’s weight loss, including a proof-in-the-pudding photo showing him with his 38-inch pants while wearing 36-inch shorts. The jeans he now wears are a loose-fitting 34 inches.


Bryan’s Keys To Keeping The Weight Off

1. Mitzi said something when I first started working with her that has been critical to my success. “If you pig out, just get right back on it. It’s okay to splurge on occasion but get back on track as quickly as possible,” she would say. If I do splurge, I eat more fruits, vegetables, protein and whole grains. This has been the biggest key to my success.

2. Don’t deny yourself all the foods that you love and view it as a diet. The other critical component of my success has been how Mitzi taught me that it must be a lifestyle approach. For example, one slice of carrot cake won’t break my diet. This has been a sustainable plan for me. Delicious food doesn’t have to be unhealthy.


Bryan’s Top 5 Motivating Factors To Keep The Weight Off

1. I enjoy better energy and better control of my Type 2 diabetes.
2. My quality of life has improved at a lower weight.
3. I like to hear the compliments.
4. I recently donated eight bags of clothes to Goodwill from my bigger days.
5. After setting and reaching my goals, I don’t want to go back.


Kelly Robben, Mom of 2, Loan Specialist

Kelly Robben has maintained a 36 pound weight loss for 8 months.

Starting Weight: 160 pounds 
Current Weight: 124 pounds
Pounds Lost: 36 pound weight loss maintained 8 months

After unsuccessfully trying gym memberships, Kelly was looking for a change: “Twenty or 30 minutes on an elliptical or treadmill and then wandering through random weight machines. Always the same results—bored, inconsistent attendance, no real results.” Then she started using a popular introductory running program app called “Couch to 5k”.

“It got me to my first 5K,” says Kelly. “But the weight was slow to come off and several months into my new love affair with running, I suffered a painful stress-fracture in one of my legs.”

Kelly then decided to try boot camp. “I knew Mitzi and trusted her and when I saw she was starting a local women-only boot camp, I immediately signed up. I was nervous about the concept of ‘boot camp’ but I was excited to participate in something that would work all of my body, where attendance would be taken and to be in an environment with only women. As soon as my leg was healed I began boot camp. And I went all in. I signed up for five days a week. The first two weeks I took lots of ibuprofen, but soon my body began to acclimate. I was using muscles I had not probably used since I was a kid!”


Kelly’s Top Diet Changes for Weight Loss Success

1. Mitzi taught me 80 percent of the equation is diet/nutrition. If you want real results you MUST change your diet.
2. Logging my food intake daily in an app called MyFitnessPal.
3. Eating more veggies and whole grains, while avoiding processed foods.
4. Eating more protein. I eat 75 grams of protein a day.
5. Eating three solid meals a day. Mitzi is not a fan of 5-6 meals per day for weight loss.
6. Keeping it real—I like having a glass of red wine after a long day and sometimes I want to splurge on a decadent dark chocolate dessert at a dinner out. I’m not giving these things up—I just move on and make better choices the next day.


Kelly’s Exercise Plan Keys To Success

1. They take attendance at boot camp—this keeps me accountable.
2. Variety—no day is ever the same and every part of the body gets worked.
3. High Intensity Interval Training. I didn’t know much about this when I started and it wasn’t part of what made me choose boot camp, but it IS why I continue to do it more than a year later. My metabolism WOKE up! I continue to be amazed at the amount of calories you can torch doing simple moves that engage large muscle groups at a high intensity. Honestly, I can’t sweat from a run the way I sweat from Tabatas (20 seconds of high intensity work followed by 10 seconds of rest x 8).
4. Strength training. My doctor told me I needed this.
5. It’s fun—there are a variety of movements and exercises, social interaction, challenges, music and being outside when the weather permits.


Kelly’s Keys To Keeping the Weight Off

1. I continue to log my food intake daily.
2. I eat plenty of protein and fiber to keep me satisfied.
3. I drink A LOT of water.
4. Keep moving with high-intensity exercise.
5. Weigh myself daily (while not for everyone this keeps things real for me and keeps me from sticking my head in the sand).
6. Take one day at a time.

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