Best Road Trip Food Stops Around KC for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

The best grab-and-go dining for the vehicle-bound.

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Breakfast biscuit Heirloom Bakery Kansas City

breakfast biscuit at heirloom bakery & Hearth 

  Heirloom Bakery & Hearth

   At Heirloom, the breakfast sandwich is all about the biscuit: a hulking cheddar-chive masterpiece inspired by the deep south. Aside from the bursts of flavor packed into the dough itself, this is the perfect type of bread for whatever type of breakfast sandwich you can imagine.

   Heirloom has a build-your-own format, where you can combine three fixings from a list of eggs, bacon, cheese, tomato, pesto and greens. We feel strongly that the best option is the quintessential breakfast sandwich: bacon-egg-n-cheese.

   Heirloom piles on a hard-scrambled omelet, perfectly crisped bacon and your choice of yellow cheddar, white cheddar and Gouda. We heartily recommend splurging and adding on a slather of housemade pesto, too — it’ll be the only condiment you’ll ever want to see again.

  Despite its towering presence, the Heirloom breakfast sandwich is shockingly travel-friendly and easy to grasp in a single hand. Will you end up with pesto smeared all over your  face? Maybe. Will it be worth it? You bet.

   Heirloom Bakery & Hearth, 401 E. 63rd St., Kansas City.


Sunrise breakfast sandwich at Black Dog Coffeehouse Lenexa Kansas

Sunrise breakfast sandwich at black dog coffeehouse

   Black Dog Coffeehouse

   The sunrise breakfast sandwich at Black Dog Coffeehouse is not for the faint of heart. It’s a full-sized, generous thing that should tide you over well through lunch. Two farm-fresh scrambled eggs, nine-month-aged Prairie Breeze cheddar from Iowa’s Milton Creamery and a choice of thick bacon or roasted vegetables are mounted between two sturdy slices of toasted brioche from Ibis Bakery next door.

   This brioche is the stuff dreams are made of: Tender, puffy, buttery, a little sweet — you could make a meal on the bread alone and be no less satisfied. Black Dog cuts this sandwich in half, so it’s perfectly manageable on the go — and the sturdy brioche helps keep it all together, so you don’t have to worry about stray egg chunks falling in your lap or on your steering wheel.

   Black Dog Coffeehouse, 12815 W. 87th St. Pkwy., Lenexa.


breakfast burrito second best coffee kansas city

breakfast burrito at second best coffee

   Second Best Coffee

   Since it opened in 2014, Second Best Coffee in Kansas City’s Waldo neighborhood has built quite the reputation as the go-to spot for quirky coffee drinks and killer brews — but they also serve up a mean breakfast burrito.

   To be fair, Local Pig in the East Bottoms gets the credit for assembling these gargantuan oeuvres, stuffing an oversized flour tortilla chock-a-block full with ground chorizo sausage, eggs, tangy goat cheese, rosemary, garlic and a smoky rojo sauce. Second Best grills this glorious food bundle on a panini press, wraps it in butcher paper and ties it off with a string — just like the present it is.

   You’ll feel like a master of the universe when you’ve got an Americano in your cup holder, one hand on your steering wheel and this breakfast beast in your other.

   Second Best Coffee, 328 W. 85th St., Kansas City.