Styled With StickSisters Love

You know her well. She spends so much of her time making space special for others (Space- or princess-themed kids’ rooms, anyone? Rockin’ rec room? School and sports cubbies? Dad’s TV hideaway?). Of course, she can be none other than Mom. Or even Nana who finds creative ways to ensure her house is a sublime getaway for grandkids, and let’s face it, “grownkids.”

And even if there are no kids in the picture, the wife of the home is often the designer extraordinaire of the home—ensuring that the residence is inviting, comfortable and stylish for visiting family and friends.

So what about her space? It’s only fitting that the woman of the house deserves some special space of her own.

Luckily when it comes to sprucing up space with femme finesse, there are plenty of go-to retail, decor and design-oriented resources in south Johnson County.

One of those unique boutiques is StickSisters Art Furnishings & Accents, located in Overland Park’s trendy Hawthorne Plaza.

For two years now, vice president of marketing and sales and store co-owner Nancy Davidson has had tremendous fun creating this inventive, 2,000-square-foot retail gem with co-owners sister Laura Radke and parents Mike and Sandy Cannon.

Indeed, this exquisitely distinct shop brims with decorative accents, one-of-a-kind finds, upholstered furniture options and handmade jewelry while simultaneously showcasing a family success story at heart.

For savvy shoppers, StickSisters offers an endless array of possibilities when it comes to outfitting homes and hearts in artistic character. 

Quiet Spaces
Whether it’s a master bedroom suite sitting area, an intimate corner of the living room or even a patio alcove, Mom needs a quiet haven replete with a comfy chair, an ottoman, small table and creative lighting. Multi-purpose accent pieces like this chunky, European tray made of reclaimed timber (pictured below) can double as a drink tray on an ottoman and a cutting board in the kitchen. Consider using slipcovers to freshen up furniture and colors. “They are washable,” says Davidson. “Because spills and dog hair never happen.”

Pillow Perfection
Don’t underestimate the power of pillows. Especially when they happen to be pillows that talk with such sentiments as “Be Nice Or Leave,” “Happily Ever After” or “XOXO.” StickSisters also showcases divinely unusual pillows which marry French grain sacks with Old World embellishments such as a stitched-on vintage hotel key, a small book from yesteryear, antique hardware or a hand-written, timeworn love letter tucked into the pillow’s pocket.

Life on Display
Consider displaying your kids, your family, your life in ways that are limited only by your imagination. Try turning a fun mix of frames in different shapes, sizes and colors into an inspirational wall of memories. “For something really fun, you can paint a family tree on the wall and then hang photos of family members on the branches,” suggests Davidson. Cast the usual rules aside and let your instincts guide the evolution of your personal photo collage collection.

Expressions of the Heart
“Here’s the thing,” says Davidson. “Women often like to buy jewelry that has something they can relate to.” In fact, Davidson finds that StickSisters’ handmade jewelry holds personal meaning for many. With jewelry pieces like Ronaldo’s Inner Beauty, Three Times The Love and Prayer bracelets, Freshie & Zero’s Many Moons necklace and other handmade gems by Palabra and Ronda Smith, there is no doubt that this jewelry is not only made with love, but given with love as well. Whether it’s a birthstone necklace, a customized bracelet or an inspirational pendant reminding to “Be Strong” or “Have Faith,” these signature lines prove that special jewelry for her doesn’t have to be especially expensive. Made from gold, sterling silver and bronze, these little expressions of love can be worn every day or as statement pieces. “And remember,” says Davidson, “it’s okay to give yourself a gift.”

Turn Workspace Into Fun Space
Think whimsical, fun, chic and unique. Whether it’s a built-in desk area in the kitchen, a dedicated office space or a little cubby tucked near the mudroom, there is always that place where papers pile up. Bills, to-do lists, mail, school papers, cherished art by little hands. Davidson suggests using items such as vintage shutters from New Orleans, an antiquated door message center or a magnetic chalkboard as a clever keeper of papers, masterpieces and messages.
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