Pizza Pie Perfection

1. A Warm Welcome

Just a stone’s throw on either side from the pub and the brewing facility, Martin City Pizza and Tap has been a long time coming. The small-town neighborhood atmosphere found at the pub is carried over without hesitation to Pizza and Tap. The service is friendly and gives you the feeling of being a regular even on your first visit. If you’re not sure what to order, just ask the attentive staff. As an added bonus, they’ll thank you by name as you pay.


2. Red, White and Yum

Pizza and Tap offers appetizers, salads and sandwiches, but the real show stopper is their Neapolitan-style pizza. The pizza menu has seven options and is separated into three categories, red, white and build-your-own. The red menu is all about marinara sauce and features pies such as Carne (Meat-lovers), Aloha (Hawaiian), and Martin City Margherita.

The white menu features more adventurous flavors such as Bacon and Eggs, Heartland Chicken, and Black and Blue, which is a take on the pub’s steak salad. The pizzas, available in 6-inch, 12-inch and 16-inch sizes, are wood-fired to perfection via brick oven.


3. In-House Brew

Unlike the pub, which carries more than 50 different brews, Pizza and Tap only carries the beers Martin City brews in their facility next door. So far,  eight are available — the Abbey Ale, C.O.E. Wit, Bitter Ale, Porter, Black Saison, IPA, Imperial Stout and the Biere de Garde — but the goal is to eventually carry all 12. Each brew’s availability changes, so call ahead for your favorites.


4. A Taste of Tuscany

Martin City Pizza and Tap’s Neapolitan-style pizza has premium ingredients and endless combinations, but it’s the Tuscan-style brick oven that ties it all together. Housed in the center of the tasting room, the wood fire oven toasts the crust to a golden brown, melts the cheese to a heavenly level of ooey-gooey, bakes veggies to a smile-inducing crunch and sears the meat to mouth-watering sizzle.


Check out Martin City Pizza and Tap at 410 E. 135th St., Kansas City, Mo. or call (816) 268-2222. For more information visit

photos: Margo Shoopman