Up Close With Jean Peters Baker - The Jackson County Prosecutor

Jean Peters Baker

 The Jackson County, Missouri prosecutor gives 435 a peek inside her life and shares what keeps her up at night, her perfect day and why she’s re-reading the classics.


- I’m most definitely a night owl, but have trained myself to get sleep where I can. Middle of the night phone calls are not uncommon so I try to be prepared for that 2:00 AM call – when you must put on your shoes and go.

- I can't leave home without my water bottle, cell phone, and in my car at all times is a crime scene bag with coat, gloves, & boots.

- My dream day would be spending the entire day outside engaged in any kind of physical activity, like a hike with my family, biking or taking a run. Being outdoors is my favorite thing to do as a family.

- The last thing I binged watched was The Frankenstein Chronicles. I’m hoping for a Season 3.

- I’m not great at eating lunch regularly, but it was my New Year’s resolution to eat lunch every day. A peanut butter sandwich on the go is a pretty good lunch for me.  

- People always ask me what is the biggest case I’ve prosecuted I would say the State v. Terry Blair was the one that received the most media attention but “biggest” cases for me are those that included child abuse victims. 

- The thing(s) that keeps me up at night are crime; victims and how they are doing; my teenager; everyone else’s teenagers

- I don’t have a favorite restaurant as I don’t really have a favorite type of food – but I recently discovered Brady’s Public House on Troost and would highly recommend checking it out.

- The last book I read was “To the Lighthouse” by Virginia Woolf. After the mass shooting in Las Vegas, I formed a book club to read some of the classics again and keep our discussion about anything else but politics. I needed the outlet and found some amazing women to join with me.    

- My office “must haves” are a quilt from my hometown of Frankenstein, Missouri and the #39 ballot box.


By the Numbers 

1,500 - Cases prosecuted

20 - Years practicing law

7,000 – Number of criminal charges filed every year by the Jackson County Prosecutors office