Memorial Day Grill Hacks

Grilled Corn

Are you looking to up your game as a grill master this Memorial Day weekend? Never fear 435 talked with some local “char” experts and one of the secrets to grill domination is corn. That’s right, corn. Putting a few ears on the grill can create a “wow” moment with these easy yet impressive recipes.


Bacon Wrapped Corn

Two great things that go great together taste even better when grilled. Wrap each ear in two to three pieces of bacon. Once the bacon is charred your corn is ready.


Barbecued Corn

Smother the corn with your favorite BBQ sauce (try a local barbecue circuit award winner like Q39’s Honey BBQ Glazed) and when the sauce has caramelized on the corn it’s done.

Italian Corn

Slather the corn with pesto and place on the grill. When it looks done take the corn off the grill and liberally roll in shaved parmesan cheese. 

Bubbling Brown Sugar Corn

For six ears of corn mix 4 tablespoons of brown sugar with a teaspoon of pepper, a pinch a salt and a ¼ cup of melted butter. Brush the corn with the brown sugar sauce and place on grill until the kernels look tender and the sauce has caramelized.


Ranch Dressing Corn

If you consider ranch dressing a food group than this is your kind of corn. For a dozen ears of corn all you need is a packet of ranch seasoning mix, a teaspoon of pepper and a half stick of melted butter. Mix it together and then give your corn a ranch dressing bath before you place it on the grill. Right when you think the corn is almost done sprinkle it with some grated sharp cheddar and as soon it melts remove the corn from the grill.


Parker at The Fontaine’s Chef Kevin Nicholls has some more pro tips to help home chefs impress their guests for the kick-off to summer.

Squeaky Clean: Chef Nicholls always starts with a clean grill. Show your grill a little love by cleaning and re-seasoning the grates prior to the first grilling session. 

All About the Veggies: For perfectly grilled veggies, try a grill basket. Chef Nicholls loves using a grill basket to get that perfect char on veggies without having them fall through the grates.

Patience is a Virtue: While most people may know to let a steak rest after pulling it off the grill to preserve all the juicy goodness, letting it rest at room temperature before throwing it on the grill allows for the steak to absorb more seasoning and cook faster.