Missouri Receives New License Plate Design for Bicentennial

courtesy of the State Historical Society of Missouri

   So long to Missouri's bluebird license plates, and hello to a brand-new design honoring the Show-Me State's plentiful rivers and patriotic flag.

   In celebration of Missouri’s bicentennial, the new license plates feature red, white and blue to honor the state flag. Each color band is inlaid with waves to represent a river.

   “Rivers are an important symbol for Missouri, as waterways figured prominently in the state’s historic role as a gateway for American exploration and transportation,” said Gary Kremer, executive director of the State Historical Society of Missouri, in a press release.

   After public meetings and consultations with the Missouri Highway Patrol, an advisory committee chose the design in late January. Among the committee were John Mollenkamp, director of the Department of Revenue; Gary Kremer; and Glen Kolkmeyer, Republican state representative from Odessa.

   The Missouri Department of Revenue will begin to issue the new license plates to drivers in January 2019. Missouri’s bicentennial is Aug. 10, 2021.

   For more information, visit missouri2021.org