Power People of Kansas City 2017

Super powers, dynamic duos and wonder women of KC

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 Welcome to our annual Kansas City Power List. This year we did something different. Instead of compiling one big list, we decided to break it down into micro categories. Our rationale was threefold: We thought that by dividing the list into themed sections, it would give you, the reader, a chance to find your area of interest while opening some new avenues of power to explore, like power volunteers. It also gave us the opportunity to bring to your attention some different names beyond the usual power players.

   Additionally, we shared with you some "secret powers.” These are people you may not know about, but they are proven influencers in their respective industries.

   Power, of course, is a subjective topic, and power itself can be a chameleon — ever-changing. Consider this list more of a sampling, not a comprehensive report, of KC's movers and shakers.

   One thing is certain: Kansas City's power is growing on a national scale, and if the metro were a comic-book hero, we’d like think it would be called...SuperKC!

   Faster than a bid on the second Amazon headquarters, more powerful than the Chiefs' win record this season and able to leap economic hurdles in a single bound.





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