Power People of Kansas City 2017

Super powers, dynamic duos and wonder women of KC

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   Cliff W. Illig (Chairman of the board, interim CEO, co-founder of Cerner)

   If the KC metro were a monarchy, Illig would be royalty. He has an estimated net worth of $1.2 billion and is the head of a company currently valued at $24 billion. Cerner is also Kansas City’s largest private-sector employer, with 16,000 more employees slated to be hired over the next decade. Add in his ownership share in Sporting Kansas City, and we’re ready to give him a crown or at the very least a curtsey.


   Cliff Pemble (CEO, Garmin)

   Pemble joined Garmin on Day Two of the company’s inception. The self- proclaimed math nerd and MidAmerica Nazarene graduate was a twentysomething software engineer when he started a job that would eventually lead to him being CEO. Pemble has successfully broadened Garmin’s market base from GPS units to high-end, sophisticated fitness-tracking devices, proving the company won’t get lost in an ever-changing market.


   Marcelo Claure (CEO, Sprint)

    Claure doesn’t need to ask, “Can you hear me now?” because everyone is listening to the charismatic Sprint CEO. After taking the helm of multi-billion-dollar company in 2014, Claure is in Year Three of what he calls Sprint's five-year turnaround goals. If you want to experience Claure up close and personal, all you need to do is follow his very active Twitter account.


   Don Hall Jr. (CEO, Hallmark)

   Is there a greeting card for successfully navigating a family business through rough waters? If so, Hall might want one. Hall is at the helm of overseeing an almost $4 billion company that’s had to adapt to an industry that has experienced a turbulent metamorphosis in the last decade. Through it all, Hall has had a steady hand and has remained passionate in his philanthropic outreach to Kansas City.


   Jeff Jones (CEO, H&R Block)

   He’s not a chip off the old block; he’s literally the new kid on the block. Jones just took over the tax giant and iconic Kansas City business this October. He comes straight off a tumultuous stint as president of Uber and before that he was the chief marketing officer at Target. Jones says his plan is to continue growing H&R Block’s digital tax prep business.