Power People of Kansas City 2017

Super powers, dynamic duos and wonder women of KC

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   Barbara Spilker

   She’s the grande dame of Kansas City volunteers. Spilker has chaired so many galas for so many organizations that it would tax our math skills to count that high. Her success in getting things done is why her friends call her a “tenacious spirit,” which is code for this woman will not take no for an answer. As one colleague put it, “It’s like she doesn’t even hear the word.”


   Katherine Schorgl

   Just call her Wonder Woman. To our knowledge, she doesn’t own the lasso of truth, but if she did, Schorgl would probably use it to procure more donations to charity. This tireless volunteer has done a lot of the heavy lifting to improve Kansas City and somehow made it all seem effortless.


   Rosilyn Temple 

   No one is doing more boots-on-the-ground work to stop inner-city violence than Temple. After her son was murdered in 2011, Temple founded the Kansas City chapter of Mothers In Charge. Temple and the MIC volunteers are on call to provide support for grieving families immediately after a murder and organize vigils. They even canvas neighborhoods to gather information that might help the police. One KCPD officer called Temple a “one-woman change agent.”


   Rachel Sexton

   Sexton personifies the saying, “If you want something done, ask a busy person.” This multi-tasking volunteer never slows down. She has a passion for volunteering that makes the rest of us look like sloths. Sexton recently finished a tour of duty as Junior League president, chaired the Cattle Baron’s Ball, is chairing the Kemper Fundraiser, and you can find her working tirelessly behind the scenes at several medical-related fundraisers.


   Secret Power

   Dolly Wood

   We wonder if Wood ever gets tired. She’s a full time occupational therapist at KU Med and yet finds time to volunteer just as many hours as she works. Fellow volunteers describe Wood as “consistently hitting it out of the park.” Here secret power derives from Wood’s ability to do anything from galas to grunt work. She’s equally comfortable in an evening gown as she is literally getting her hands dirty at the Humane Society. One non-profit director says, “If you have Dolly volunteering for you it’s like you’ve won the lottery.”