Inside My Closet: Soni Mustivar

Inside the closet of Sporting Kansas City's Soni Mustivar

 Soni Mustivar  Inside My Closet Sporting KC


   When it comes to fashion, Sporting Kansas City midfielder Soni Mustivar, 27, is all about the minimalistic approach, keeping an organized closet stocked with a few good pieces. But when you’re on the road as much as the 2017 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Champions are, your locker is your real closet. Mustivar, who joined the club in 2015, was voted “most fashionable” by his teammates, and with good reason. The affectionately nicknamed “French-Haitian sensation” balances street and European casual-chic styles, dressing up his signature neutral-colored palate with nice designer shoes. Mustivar gave 435 Magazine a peek inside his downtown apartment, which is home to his impressive hat collection; unique backpacks; and lovable pup, Tequila; and shared insights on what makes a powerful wardrobe.

   How would you describe your style?

   My style is a mix of streetwear and casual chic. Right now I’m more casual chic. I was dressing a lot of streetwear, but I kind of changed. Maybe I’m getting older.

   Who or what inspires your style?

   My style is always changing. I always change my mind. I’m trying to get little ideas from different people, from every style. I’m trying to mix everything. [Sporting Kansas City defender] Kevin Ellis. With Kevin, I taught him, and now he’s even better than me. I taught him because he said, “Yeah, you go with me shopping, and you tell me what I must wear.”


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   Do you have any style rules?

   There are a lot. I don’t like to mix a lot of color. I’m more into neutral colors.

   What cities do you like best for shopping?

   Seattle is good, New York, LA is very good, and Toronto is nice for shopping. A really nice city, [Toronto] kind of reminds me of Europe.

   Who has the best style, America or Europe?

   It’s different. In Europe we like to dress a little bit nicer every day. Even if I’m just going to training, I want to wear nice jeans, nice shirt. And here they want to wear whatever’s comfortable just going to training. The big difference between Europe and America is Americans dress to be comfortable in their clothes, and in Europe we dress to be nice, good-looking.


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   Style advice for men?

   Don’t be afraid to try things in fashion. Fashion is really open; you can do anything, try anything. Don’t be afraid to dress in your own style. Don’t think, “Everybody dresses like that, so I have to dress like that.”

   What’s your favorite thing about KC?

   I love the people. That’s the best. I love the people in KC, so friendly.

   What’s your favorite accessory?

   I like pants. I like jeans. Chino pants. I like to dress a little neutral and maybe have some nice designer shoes to make a difference.


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   Is there anyone you style your wardrobe after?

   There’s a lot! David Beckham. I like Brad Pitt’s style. Zayn Malik — fashion-wise he’s very good.

    What’s one thing your teammates wear that you think they should toss?

   Benny [Feilhaber] likes to wear pants that don’t seem like they fit him — baggy pants. The only time he wears shoes is when we’re traveling and when he has to. He’s always in his flip-flops.


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