4 Holiday Cocktail Drink Recipes to Spruce Up Any Party

These cocktail drink recipes are too pretty to drink . . . almost.

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Pearfect Flip

SD Strong Gin infused with Pear | St Elizabeth Allspice Dram | Lemon Juice | Mango Black Tea Simple Syrup | Aquafaba


Pearfect Flip


Pearfect Flip

2 oz SD Strong Gin infused with Pear

1 oz Lemon Juice

1 oz Mango Black Tea Simple Syrup

1 oz Aquafaba (Chickpea Brine)

Mist of St Elizabeth Allspice Dram

»   Combine all the ingredients in the cocktail shaker. Seal, then shake vigorously for at least 2 minutes to whip air into the drink. Do not under-shake: The aeration is key to getting a good, fluffy head. Add ice to the shaker; seal and shake for 15 seconds, until chilled. Strain into a Nick and Nora glass misted with St Elizabeth Allspice Dram.


Mango Black Tea Simple Syrup

1 cup of Mango peeled & chopped

4 English Breakfast Tea Bags

2 cup of Sugar

1 cup Water

»   Bring the water to the usual steeping temperature, place tea bags in the water and let the tea steep 4-5 minutes and remove the tea bags. Place mango and water in blender and blend until smooth. Combine blended black tea, mango puree with sugar in a pot over medium heat. Simmer for 1 minute to melt the sugar.