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Adrienne and Greg Doring run a new business out of their Prairie Village home to the tune of four tiny feet, soon six. And they actually sleep at night. What’s their secret? Superfruit.

Getting shut-eye wasn’t always easy, say the married entrepreneurs. Two years ago, Adrienne gave birth to son Thomas while daughter Monica was still a toddling 2-year-old.

Sleep went out the window, especially for Adrienne, who woke up multiple times during the night to tend to the children. After the wake-ups, Adrienne had trouble going back to sleep, and counting sheep wasn’t cutting it. Greg was getting through his workdays by consuming large amounts of caffeine to counter the nightly interruptions from his little ones, but he never felt fully rested and ready to go each morning.

“I had a girlfriend come over and say that she had seen a show on TV about superfruits and how they help you sleep, and I thought, ‘I don’t know if fruit can do the job, but it’s worth a try,’” says Adrienne.

Luckily, Adrienne has a brother who is a pharmacist. He put Adrienne and Greg in touch with the right folks to create a safe combination of pure fruit extract from passion fruit, goji berries and tart cherries, all fruits that are deemed to have sleep-inducing properties, according to research studies, says Greg.

The Dorings were “guinea pigs” for the initial combo of fruit extracts, and they saw amazing and immediate results that included falling asleep easily and waking up refreshed and ready for a “dance party” at breakfast.

At first, they were simply thrilled to find a solution to their sleep issues. However, after taking the product for months, they realized that they might be able to help other adults in the same sleepless boat.

“A light bulb went on,” says Greg. “We hoped that this extract combo could replace over-the-counter and prescription sleep aids for some people and really improve their quality of life.”

The light bulb led them to labeling their product: Berry Sleepy. The Dorings began to adventure down the path of products in the healthy lifestyle industry, and they found that Berry Sleepy was one-of-a-kind.

The couple’s confidence in Berry Sleepy grew, along with their business plan. As Berry Sleepy evolved into an online business, the Dorings continued to wake up eager to greet each day, thanks to a restful night in dreamland after taking capsules of Berry Sleepy.

Creators of Berry Sleepy, the Doring family.

At the time that Berry Sleepy was taking off, Alison Wulff of Overland Park was on a streak of sleepless nights, along with her suffering bed partner, husband Matthew. She couldn’t relax after her head hit the pillow.

“I could never seem to turn off my brain,” says Alison. “I would look at the clock or turn on the TV in the middle of the night.”

Matthew would often wake up, too. He felt helpless watching Alison struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep at night. Then, his mother suggested Berry Sleepy after seeing a local news report about the product.

“I didn’t want to get into the realm of prescription sleep aids, and knowing Berry Sleepy came from fruit helped ease some of my fear,” says Alison, who bought her first bottle of the product online at the beginning of the year.

Since January, Alison has been taking Berry Sleepy almost every night before falling asleep. The fact that she is falling asleep, mostly staying asleep and waking up with an attitude of “Alright, let’s go and let’s do this” is a blessing for Alison and Matt. The couple believes in Berry Sleepy so completely that they recently created a YouTube video about the product as a customer testimonial for the Dorings.

“I can tell a difference in my mood in general,” says Alison. “And I know Matthew has seen the difference, since he’s not getting kicked awake at 2 a.m.”

The Dorings couldn’t be happier to hear from customers like the Wulffs, who are no longer waking up in a fog every day. They admit that Berry Sleepy may not be for everyone, and ask that each customer discuss taking the product with their healthcare provider. However, they say they did their homework to ensure the fruit extracts included in Berry Sleepy are all-natural, gluten-free and vegetarian and vegan-friendly. To support their customers who order online, they offer a money-back guarantee and free shipping. The guinea pigs have seen the results of Berry Sleepy firsthand.

“No more Starbuck’s double shots in the afternoon,” says Adrienne, referring to Greg’s former caffeine addiction.

Where to Buy Berry Sleepy

•  HyVee stores in Leawood, Mission, Olathe, Overland Park and Prairie
       Village, Kan.
•  HyVees in Lawrence and Manhattan, Kan.
•  HyVees in Independence, Lee’s Summit and North Kansas City, Mo.
•  New You Health Studio, 10557 Mission Road, Leawood, Kan.
•  King Chiropractic, 11946 W. 95th Street, Lenexa, Kan.
•  Bruce Smith Drugs, Prairie Village, Kan.
•  Nature’s Own Health Food Market, 4301 Main Street, Kansas City, Mo.
•  Harvest Moon Natural Foods, 2113-A E 151st Street, Olathe, Kan.
For more locations near you, visit

Adrienne also credits Berry Sleepy for her ability to handle her growing brood with patience and a positive attitude. With a due date for number three in October, she admits she might need an extra bottle on hand.

“It’s a crummy feeling when you want to be cheerful and positive, but you don’t feel like you have anything to give,” says Adrienne. “It’s better for me to just take a Berry Sleepy and be ready to go in the morning!”

For more information about the Dorings and Berry Sleepy, visit or call (913) 890-3928.

** Always discuss dietary supplements with your healthcare provider prior to including them in your daily routine.


Tips for Better Sleep from Berry Sleepy

•  Lightly close your lips but relax your jaw to help relax your face and thus your whole body.
•  Turn off technology at least an hour before bed and opt for a book instead (or 435 Magazine!).
•  Keep your bedroom cool at night to improve your quality of sleep — between 65 and 72 degrees is optimal.
•  Transform your bedroom into a place of rest by removing any entertainment or office equipment, and add ambient noise if necessary.
•  Invest in quality bedding and sleepwear.
•  Allow at least three hours after exercise for your body to fully decompress before sleep.
•  Keep alcohol consumption three hours or more away from bedtime to possibly prevent disruptions in your sleep cycle.
•  Stick with your sleep routine seven days a week.
•  Take Berry Sleepy if needed to help you get a good night of rest.