Ways to Spice Up your Tailgate

1. Bring avocado, bleu cheese, honey, horseradish, sriracha, mayo, peppers, chili — whatever it takes to jazz up your grill fare.
2. Throwing a ball around is so passe. The pros bring (safe) horseshoes, toss games or other fun novelties that can entice other players without causing damage or chaos.
3. Dress the part. Matching t-shirts, bandanas, face paint, etc. are team-builders and make it easier to find your tailgating teammates  
4. Lawn chairs, yawn chairs. If the right vehicle is available, bring a futon.

Tidy tailgating

1. If you don’t like greasy hands, bring kabob sticks or toothpicks to serve bite sizes of burgers, hot dogs, etc.

2. Try out making your own food carrier to avoid messes and still be able to throw away in the end 

Tailgating Tips

1. Foil Trick

Line your portable grill with aluminum foil for easy clean-up and disposal of spent charcoal.

2. Freeze Frame

Freeze bottled water and place it in your cooler. As it melts, you have cold water to drink. Unlike ice, it won't waterlog your cooler, and the bottles make good ice packs.

3. Prep Work

Make hamburgers in advance (3/4 inch thickness is recommended) and freeze between sheets of wax paper. Put the patties on the grill still frozen and cook three to four minutes on each side.

4. Jumbo Drinks

Always bring your own personal "jumbo" beverage glass. When you set your beverage down, a distinguishable cup makes it is easy to find.

5. Laminated Check List

Draft a check list, then laminate it. While packing, check off the items with a dry erase marker. After the game, wipe it off and you are ready for next time.

6. Take Cover

A canopy or portable pavilion provides shade, as well as shelter (wind can be a problem, however). It also gives friends an identifiable rally point.

7. Bin That

Use large storage bins to organize all of your tailgating gear and keep it that way, so it's easy in, easy out, all season.