What It's Like to Be a Ghost Buster

Elijah Buchholz delights in exploring paranormal activities.

Elijah Buchholz Ghost Buster Apex Paranormal


   Since he was a 7-year-old kid living with his family in an Iowa farmhouse, Elijah Buchholz, 35, has believed in ghosts. Not only did he clearly see a young, blond girl ghost in the farmhouse, so did his parents and many guests at the home. Then, when he was about 11 and living in another house in another town in Iowa, he saw a male spirit standing over him in the middle of the night. When he asked his parents about it, they, too, admitted that they had seen a man walking down the hall. He moved to Olathe his senior in high school, and Buchholz never again saw an apparition. It wasn’t until the television show Ghost Hunters that he even knew people investigated paranormal activity. Now a supervisor and counselor at Johnson County Mental Health Center, Buchholz along with some friends, who are also licensed mental health professionals, formed less than two years ago the nonprofit Apex Paranormal.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

   Apex Paranormal conducts free paranormal investigations, primarily in Kansas and Missouri, to anyone concerned about ghostly events happening in their homes. The group conducts paranormal investigations once a month at public attractions around town. You’re welcome to join them, if you dare.



   The Apex Paranormal team uses a variety of tools in their investigations, including an array of digital voice recorders and Instrumental Transcommunication Devices that use a variety of methods to allow for real-time communication with spirits.


Somethin' Strange in the Neighborhood?

   The team has yet to find paranormal activity when called to investigate a residential home. But Buchholz says Apex Paranormal has encountered numerous paranormal activities in several area locations open to public. These include whisperings, singing, footsteps, shadows, and ghost sightings.


Why in the World

   “I’ve always been, obviously since those experiences in my childhood, just absolutely fascinated by this stuff and wanting to know what in the heck is going on,” Buchholz says. “Until you have experiences, it’s easy to be skeptical. I think there is just something about the unknown because who knows what happens after we die? It’s such a scary, mysterious, ominous, attractive thing that we may never fully understand until we get there.”

   For more information, visit theapexparanormalonline.com.