Rising Trends in Home Remodeling

   When the moment comes that you cannot bear another day with your [insert any room here], it is time to either sell or remodel. Moving is a hassle. Remodeling? That’s easier, and doesn’t require packing. Armed with some basic knowledge, you can achieve an updated look and fall in love with your home all over again.  

   The latest home renovation trends lean toward more streamlined rooms, with less clutter and better lighting to convey elegant simplicity. Because of this, and in contrast to the earthen colors that were wildly popular just a few years ago, today we find open rooms in combinations of gray and pastel tones. They’re coupled with larger windows and strategic lighting to achieve the desired effect of an airy, well-proportioned space. This holds true for kitchens, bathrooms and basement remodeling alike.

   All this means that to remodel or renew anything from a single room to your entire home is going to take more than a fresh coat of paint and a few decorations. This is especially true to remodel a higher-end home in Johnson or Jackson County, in which care must be taken to preserve the builder or designer’s original architectural expression.

   One of the most important decisions you face is choosing a budget. While in most cases a contractor will include the cost of materials in the estimated cost projection, it is always a good idea to shop around for different options, especially for finishing elements such as paint, carpets, tiles, and other accessories, to ensure both the quality and the final look you wanted in the first place. Doing so will take time and patience, so it’s best to tackle before remodeling is underway. If you choose the right one, your remodeling contractor will be a wealth of information who can alleviate any confusion or uncertainty.

   Your home may not be a long-term financial investment, so hiring a professional to minimize lengthy DIY projects (or worse, to cover up your errors) makes sense. It is perfectly normal to hit a wall or two, so to speak, in the process of home remodeling. Inevitably, unexpected surprises reveal themselves in the form of unorthodox plumbing, wiring and more that can stop projects in their tracks. Retaining a professional remodeling contractor, especially one who has ample experience in your neighborhood and the type of work you want done, helps ensure equity-building results.

   Flipping a home is always best left to professionals as well, but don’t be afraid to get involved in all aspects of the renovation, from the planning stage to the finishing touches. Flipping a house is one of those things where being passive and uninvolved could mean you end up with someone else’s vision of perfection and not a space that makes your investment property stand out. Great contractors are part interpreters and part mind readers. They have the ability to listen, paint a picture of your ideas and make it happen within your budget.

   Built by Design specializes in carrying your lifestyle and personality throughout every room of your home. Their superior craftsmanship and attention to detail recently earned a prestigious NARI Remodel of the Year Gold Medal for a master bath project, a Silver Medal and “All-Star” designation for kitchen remodels, and Kansas City Homes & Gardens’ “Remodel Of The Year” silver medal for Kansas City basement remodeling.