Robotics Champs!

Independence School District 2018 Robotics Champs

Independence School District

The competitive world of robotics requires smarts, engineering talent and the ability to react and adjust quickly in a high pressure situation. Although, robotics competitions are fairly new, having only been around for twenty-five years, students from the Independence School District wasted no time treading to the top of the competition world. The First Bots of Independence (FBI) took the first-place spot at the Greater Kansas City Regional competition, qualifying for the first robotics world championship in Houston.

However, this win didn’t come out of nowhere since each member of the team put in an average of 100 hours preparing for the competition and for the vigorous events that it would present. Regionals are complete with variety of responsibilities, including operating the robot, presenting to judges, and programming and scouting the competition. Out of the 43 teams that competed, the FBI was one of seven to leave with the golden ticket to Houston. The team will compete with others from all around the world April 18-21 to claim the ultimate championship title.