Scheels Overland Park Soccer Complex to Resurface Fields

   The Scheels Overland Park Soccer Complex,  which opened in 2009 at 13700 Switzer Road, will have new turf installed on its 12 fields.

   The complex chose Shaw Sports Turf, a world-class manufacturer of synthetic turf systems, to replace the old turf. Approximately 2,000 games are played on each field per year, plus practices. The resurfacing project will help maintain the complex’s reputation as a top soccer destination.

   In addition to new turf, the Scheels Soccer Complex will add an element called HydroChill to each field. This product cools the surface of the field by watering the fields, which activates the HydroChill. The HydroChill draws heat from the surface, and the cooling effect can last two to three days. This is an important addition for any turf field since the rubber filler in the fields can reach up to 50 degrees hotter than the air temperature, causing discomfort for the athletes.

   Six fields will be resurfaced this year, and the other half will be resurfaced in 2018, which will help keep the complex in operation during the project.

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