435 South Magazine September 2009

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Muse Furniture & Lifestyle

Meet the brains behind 435 South magazine's "Home of he Year."

A Class Act

Veteran TV reporter Larry Moore offers insights about life on-camera and off.

Pizza Fusion

Slice or dice it, say hello to tasteful vegan, gluten-free and earth-friendly eating.

The Business of Love

Is an office romance ever a good idea? 

Furry Friends

Local residents help train dogs for Canine Companions for Independence program. 

Brotherly Love

Adolescent adventures can go awry so easily - especially when no one's there to cover. 

High School Football Outlook

Area high school football teams look strong for fall.


What's going on in Johnson County.

Brilliant Business

Local golf management company shines like stars. 

Sinless Sedan

Acura TSX presents al the luxury you want, for less.

First Family of Football

The football pedigree of Kansas City's head coach runs deep. 

The American Royal

Why the American Royal's 110-year tradition matters to Johnson County.

Go Slow!

Support your local Slow Food convivium by eating local. 

Life Restoration

Menorah's Dr. Jess Collins makes inroads with epilepsy treatments.


Overland Park language workshop teaches Spanish, French and Chinese to young students by immersion. 

The Face Behind the Voice

Local radio personalities share stories from inside the industry.

Paint & Purge

The interior design solution for the times.

Leawood's Troop 10

Leawood's Troop 10 celebrates a scouting milestone.

The Sleep Situation

Not getting enough rest could compromise your health, your safety and even your life. 

In This Issue

Modern Western Roots. 435 South takes a look at the American Royal and why its 110-year tradition matters to Johnson County.
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