New Season — New Look

Ahh, fall. The time of year when everything settles down into a welcome routine, kids return to school and somehow the promise of cooler, crisper days followed by chunky sweaters and chenille blankets seems absolutely divine.

If this year’s extended heat wave has you longing for fresh-picked apples, leaves crunching underfoot during late afternoon walks and creamy, spiced-pumpkin lattes, the following fall trends from Patrick Madden of Madden-McFarland Interiors in Leawood will help you transition from miserably hot to magnificently HOT this month.

Spice up your surroundings with seasonal style using
pillows and decor accents in rich fall hues and earthy tones.
Fuse Mother Nature’s dried florals with vintage
vase ideas to create one-of-a-kind arrangements.
Employ seasonal candles to infuse your home with
soothing scents of vanilla, pumpkin and cinnamon.
Dress your tabletop in striking autumn colors
with creative harvest centerpieces.

Fall In Love With Fall Colors
Peel back the bright citrus colors of orange and tangerine that were au currant this spring and welcome the deeper tones of garnet red, burnt yellow and dark, inviting plum. Madden likes to frame these vibrant shades with what he calls the “moody neutrals” — muted greens and cloudy greys, which are hotter than ever this season. Take your cues from the natural world around you; for instance, leaves that are morphing into intense cranberry red, vivid yellow and subdued coppers. These earthy, rich tones can add instant warmth to your room, as well as a touch of elegance and class.

Give Your Sofa A Facelift
You’ve always known that pillows are an inexpensive accessory — and the easiest switch you can pull to update for the new season — but this fall, why not take it a step further and change out the back cushions on your sofa? Introducing fabrics in pumpkin, chocolates or rust paired with a neutral fabric and clay-colored walls is sure to spice up your tired sofa.
“Because most of us have a solid base color on our sofas, replacing the larger back cushions with something seasonal and fresh will make an even stronger design statement for the season,” says Madden.

Tantalize Up Your Senses With Fragrance
When the temperatures fall, nothing warms your soul like curling up to a crackling fire. But even without the flames, you can make your fireplace more inviting by integrating an acquired gathering of accessories, such as antique leather books and scented candles in the spicy colors and fragrances of the season.
“Retire the seaside scents of summer and bring back the warmth of pumpkin, vanilla and cinnamon to your room,” says Madden. “These fall flavors have a way of making you feel cozy, and are a perfect way to anticipate the new season. The mantle or cocktail table is the ideal place for a new design element.”

Bring Guests To The Table
Fall harvest arrangements are easy to find and create and can add the perfect finishing touches to your autumn entertaining. But don’t stop there!
Amber glass can be especially influential as an instant update for your tabletop stemware. Madden suggests the warmer (and more colorful) cookware pieces, such as casseroles and tureens, which remind guests that soup is near at hand.
“Pick up a new teapot with bold colors of gold, acorn or burnt umber,” says Madden. “With the perfect splash of fall color, you can really add a punch to your kitchen.”

Let Mother Nature Be Your Guide
You can thank our long, parched summer months for the plethora of dried cattails, zebra grasses and premature fallen leaves and branches — all of which can be used to make “waterless arrangements.” Integrate dried hydrangeas into vintage beakers or antique glassware for a chic but cozy look. Pumpkins and gourds serve as traditional, natural table toppers and make ideal kitchen island centerpieces, but adding your own touches can really bump this style element up a notch.
“A couple of easy and fun ways to get creative is to paint and stencil them with fall patterns, or paint larger acorns different colors and tie them with natural jute to branches you have gathered from outside,” says Madden.

photos: Laurel Austin  |  styling: Patrick Madden