Cheers For Fall Beer


Craft breweries around Kansas City are rolling out new brews and

seasonal favorites for the fall months that pair nicely with the crisp

air and pumpkin spice everything. You’ll find a lot of these beers at

fall festivals across the metro.


Kansas City Bier Co.

KC Beir Co Vienna

photo courtesy of kc bier co 



Vienna-style lager

5.5 percent ABV

KC Bier Co.’s fall seasonal is brewed especially for their annual KC Oktoberfest (Oct. 5-6), and is a reddish-gold mix of caramel, biscuit and honey malt flavors. Need tangible evidence of the bier’s quality? Maybe KC Bier Co. can show you the two silver medals and one bronze medal they took home from the Great International Beer Competition from 2015-17.


Strange Days Brewing Co.

Strange Days Brewing Co

photo courtesy of strange days brewing co 


Black & Wit     

Belgian-style wit

5.1 percent ABV

Black & Wit is your traditional Belgian witbier — except it’s not. Strange Days’ new autumn brew is as black as night due to the midnight wheat malt it’s brewed with, giving it the appearance of a dark, heavy beer. Despite that look, it’s slight roasted notes and hint of orange peel and coriander make it an easy drink to down.


Torn Label Brewing Co.

Torn Label Brew

photo courtesy of torn label brewing company


Fog Machine


6.3 percent ABV

Fog Machine was on of Torn Label’s most popular new releases last year, so it’s no surprise they’re bringing back the aptly named cloudy concoction for round 2. Teeming with floral, fruit-forward aromatics, Fog Machine can be found at the brewery’s taproom release event in October. Will it be distributed around Missouri and Kansas? In limited quantities, yes, but it’ll be gone faster than fog dissipates!


Double Shift Brewing Co.

Double Shifting Brewing Co

Photo courtesy of double shifting brewing company


Bring Out Your Dead

Coffee Ale

7 percent ABV

This bone-chilling brew is based on a white stout, with doses of cacao, vanilla bean and lactose, plus the brewery is partnering with Messenger Coffee to add cold-brewed coffee to the mix. The combination will be sure to wake you up and give you a nice buzz.


Boulevard Brewing Co.

Boulevard Brewing Co

photo courtesy of boulevard brewing company


Bob’s ’47 Oktoberfest


5.8 percent ABV

“Bob’s,” as it’s commonly referred to, makes its annual appearance this fall, having done so every year since 1993. This malty, dark-amber brew gets its name from Bob Werkowitch, a former master brewer at the George Muehlebach Brewing Company, which stood in Kansas City from 1868 to 1973. So along with a perfect drink for crisp autumn evenings, you get a history lesson!