Eerily Good Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your West Bottoms Fright Experience


photo courtesy of KcBeast


Buy Your Tickets Ahead Of Time

The lines at these houses are incredibly long, and waiting is the last thing you want to do when there’s a dude on the sidewalk putting a rat in his mouth. Buy your tickets at to ensure a short wait time. If you don’t want to wait at all, you can order a fast pass to skip lines entirely.



photo courtesy by kcbeast


Be Careful Who You Bring Along

If there’s one thing that’s obvious in these haunted houses, it’s that if you’re visibly freaked out, the actors are going to target you and whoever else is in your group. When inviting friends to tag along, choose wisely and make sure they, too, are wanting a thrill.




Dress In Layers

Although it may be chilly outside, it gets extremely hot in these houses. You are walking, climbing and crouching through small areas in a group of people. Arrive prepared, dressed in layers, so you aren’t completely miserable.



photo courtesy of kcbeast


Visit All Four Attractions

So, you’ve heard of The Beast and The Edge of Hell, but what many Kansas Citians don’t realize is that there are two other scare-winning houses in the same place: The Macabre Cinema and The Chambers of Edgar Allan Poe. To truly get the full experience, visit all four houses and decide which one was the scariest to you.