The University of Kansas Hospital Transitions to The University of Kansas Health System

   Over the next 24 to 36 months, The University of Kansas Hospital will rebrand itself in phases as The University of Kansas Health System to “to reach beyond our home campus to touch as many lives as possible,” says Bob Page, president and chief executive officer of the health system.

   The evolution stems from new partnerships and growth on campus and throughout the region. The new name represents the consolidation with physicians and clinics of The University of Kansas Physicians, and better describes the inpatient and ambulatory services offered by the hospital for the past few years. It also reflects partner relationships with Hays Medical Center, Stormont Vail in Topeka, North Kansas City Hospital, Cornerstones of Care at Marillac and KVC Behavioral Health.

   “We are much more than the facilities off 39th in Kansas City, Kansas,” Page says in a press release. “We reach across the state line and throughout Kansas. All of this is part of our mission to give people throughout Kansas and the Midwest access to advanced medicine. Our focus is on serving patients no matter where they are. We see patients from every county in Kansas, almost all counties in Missouri and all 50 states. Even with that reach, we know we have a statutory and moral obligation to focus on improving the health of all Kansans.”

   The new logo for The University of Kansas Health System includes an icon, the top of which represents a test tube to symbolize discovery. The flames are inspired by the traditional physician symbol, the Rod of Asclepius, DNA and the three-tiered mission of academic medicine: clinical care, research, and education. The white arrow behind the flames is designed to symbolize growth and progress. 

   While The University of Kansas Health System name will be the primary term used when referring to clinical services and physician/health care providers, there are important distinctions:

  •    The University of Kansas Hospital will remain the name of the primary hospital building itself at 39th and Cambridge Street in Kansas City, Kansas. 
  •    The University of Kansas Health System represents the clinical care provided at all inpatient and outpatient locations. It is independently governed and does not receive tax appropriations. 
  •    The University of Kansas Health System works closely with but is not a part of the University of Kansas Medical Center; the Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions. The University of Kansas Medical Center performs the leading-edge research and provides education for health professionals. It is part of the University of Kansas, which is part of the State of Kansas system of higher education.