Union Station Launches $1.6 Million Restoration Project

photo by Robert McPherren

Union Station announced plans for a 12-month project to clean and restore the exterior surfaces of the building. It is only the beginning of a 25-year venture to preserve the historic landmark.

   “As our Board of Directors and Leadership Team continues to look around the corner for what’s next at Union Station, of critical importance is to stay ahead of the curve in maintaining the beauty, integrity and longevity of our physical structures,” Bob Regnier, Union Station board chairman, said in Union Station’s announcement. “This is one of the many advantages of ongoing financial success at the Station … being able to proactively put investment where it matters most. And in this case, maintaining and protecting our 103-year-old treasure is a priority of the highest order.”

   Contractors can already be seen at work on scaffolding all around the building. An estimated 15,600 hours will be put into this project, which will be completed in spring 2018.

   The project is divided into three phases, each specific to a different portion of the building’s exterior surface. According to the announcement, some of the work will include “cleaning nearly 20 years of environmental accumulation and discoloration from the historic limestone exterior surfaces, repairing mortar joints (tuck point) between limestone blocks to maintain their aesthetic and structural integrity and caulking and sealing all other exterior joints to prevent water intrusion and deterioration.”

   The project will be funded by various sources, including the Union Station Preservation Fund (a portion of Science City and Touring Exhibition ticket sales), operating income and a fundraising effort. To donate toward preserving Union Station, click here.

   Progress updates will be available at unionstation.org.