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Dr. Debra Galvin

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Multi-Disciplinary Specialty Center

Debra Galvin, PhD, OTR/L


Doctor Debra Galvin, founder and director of Dr. Deb’s Center for Child and Family Development, is proud to invite the Kansas City community to visit the Center’s new location. With the new Center, Dr. Galvin and her exceptional, multi-disciplinary staff expand their vision of offering continued, customized, evidence-based practices to the community and will continue to offer services in child and adolescent psychiatry, behavioral health, and physical, occupational and speech therapies.


What distinguishes the Center is its unique collaborative team model, which is intentionally designed to offer families a full array of high-quality services that are accessible in one setting and easily customized to meet both straight-forward and more complex needs of children and their families. Through this model, the Center achieves our Mission of service to achieve full potential.


The Center continually strives to meet the needs of its community. It has responded to the community’s need for early diagnostic services to facilitate the identification of young infants, toddlers and preschoolers, which allows for appropriate early intervention. The staff at Dr. Deb’s does not believe in waiting lists; research shows that early identification and intervention are highly effective, and waiting lists delay those actions from being done in a timely manner. The staff is sensitive and responsive to the community’s needs, and they pride themselves in thinking and acting in smart, innovative ways to meet these needs through collaborative offerings.


Dr. Deb’s new Center will offer expanded customized diagnostics and treatment of the whole child, as well as new services, activities and innovative programs for littles, school-age kids, ‘tweens and teens. The new space is home to a fun-factory sensory gym that exceeds any offering of its kind in the region. The new site also allows for even more expansive services for the community: There will be innovative programs for all ages designed to support play, social relations, mental health, motor development and family support. Check out the Dr. Deb website for current and future programs, such as music therapy, art for fun, open gym, kids’ play, birthday and family celebrations and small group offerings open to clients and the community.


We’ve moved!

Come visit us at our New Location! We welcome the community to visit us at our new home to enjoy our many new offerings. Watch for our Grand Opening in Spring of 2019 or contact us for a personalized “meet and greet”.

Best Advice: 

▶︎Parenting children is complex: We are here to help! We offer easy access to individuals, parents, families, other professionals and agencies in the community. We offer advice, support, direction, training and specific technical assistance in navigating the complex journey across the lifespan. We offer a compassionate, common sense application of cutting-edge findings that help inform families and communities in a broad array of topics and trends. Trends include setting healthy boundaries and routines, limit content, duration and use of screen time. These trends impact developing brains. Potential negative impact is seen in socialization, cognitive and language development and mental health.  We offer parenting advice for individual differences that work on promoting personal best and harmony in families and communities. We accept requests from the community for timely topics.

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