Creating an Amazing Charcuterie Board

Elevate your Charcuterie board with this delicate spread.
photo by Zach Bauman, board from





char·cu·te·rie | shär-ˌkü-tə-ˈrē | NOUN

►A delicatessen specializing in dressed meats and meat dishes.

►The products sold in such a shop.


What makes a Charcuterie board so special is that it makes a stunning epicurean statement – beautiful to gaze upon and delicious to eat with a bevy of delectable nibbles to choose from. It’s also surprisingly easy to make your own Charcuterie board. All you need is meat, cheese, bread, a few garnishes and voilà you’re a master.

On the Board:  


▹Prosciutto di Parma – Italian Cured Ham

▹​Iberico Chorizo – Spanish Pork Sausage

▹Capicola – Dry Cured Pork

▹Bresaola – Spiced, Dried Beef

▹Gin and Juice Salame – Lamb Salame with Juniper and Orange Peel from Smoking Goose, Indianapolis, IN



▹Port Wine Derby

▹Wooly Rind Sheep’s Milk Cheese – Green Dirt Farms, Weston, MO



▹Raisin Walnut Bread – Farm to Market, Kansas City, MO

▹Kii Naturals Artisan Crisps



▹House Made Beer Mustard

▹House Made Cranberry Compote

▹House Made Fig Jam

▹House Made Hot Giardiniera

▹House Spiced Mixed Nuts


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