Dan Foil

Favorite physical feature:
Opposable thumbs.

Most embarrassing moment:
One doesn’t
necessarily stand out. I have so many of them. Probably the Jalapenos
restaurant Christmas party where I earned the nickname 80s dance.
Earned it!

What are you most proud of?
I started a business
and before selling it four years ago grew it from nothing to a national
company employing over 800 people. I am most proud though of all the
individuals I helped, coached, supported or encouraged and seeing them
better themselves and their lives as well as the lives of their

What is something that no one knows about you?
That’s why we have secrets… so no one knows them!

What’s the one thing you’ll never understand?
How we spend so much time and effort trying to achieve more and never fully enjoy what we already have.

Drink of choice:
Diet Coke or a nice cabernet.

Favorite food:

Worst habit:
I hurry too much!

What do you look for in a woman?
values, loving, kind, patient, smart with a sharp sense of humor,
sarcastic with a big heart. A good communicator, a planner that can be
spontaneous. An enigma I think!

Favorite treat to give yourself?
Okay, now I am
going to blow the whole “what no one knows about me,” I have a Jacuzzi
tub and I love a relaxing bath and a good book on the few stressful
days I have.

Life motto:
“Fear Not!” It’s from the beginning of Isaiah 41:10, which is my favorite scripture.

Signature scent:
Hanae Mori.

What are the three luxuries you just can’t live without?
Down comforters and pillows, Tivo and a fireplace in the bedroom.

What is your favorite body part on the opposite sex?
Is the sense of humor a body part? …funny bone??

Do you sleep on your back, side or stomach?
Side until my arm falls asleep, then my stomach until I flip over on my
back, and then when I wake myself up snoring and go back on my side.

Dream Car:
1965 Lincoln Continental convertible with suicide doors.

Online dating-yes or no?
I have nothing against it.

Style icon:
David Beckham, but I don’t pull it off anywhere near like he does!

Favorite season:
Oregano- just kidding. I love Fall and having a pinon wood fire on the patio with wine and some good conversation.

Favorite place to go to meet singles:
There are
places to go meet singles? I go to Trolley’s quite a bit-food is great,
people are friendly, atmosphere is awesome and it’s close to home!

Would you rather be a little smarter or a little sexier?
Either! I have so much room to improve in both areas!

What makes you laugh?
I laugh at myself way too
much! I am a goofy dude! But also a girl with a sharp sense of humor
and the confidence to fire some sarcasm my way!

What celebrity crushes did you have as a teenager?
All the Charlie’s Angels.

My first kiss was:
In kindergarten on the church playground… I am a preacher’s son.

A pefect day would be:
Skydiving before
breakfast, breakfast on the plane to 18 holes at Augusta and a
helicopter ride to the Nascar Bristol Night Race watched from the top
of a pit box. But only if I can take friends!

Recent impulse purchase:

Most recent trip:
L.A. for the Sand Sport Show.

Favorite book:
The Bible and second would be Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino.

Favorite childhood memory:
My dad was director
of Rock Springs 4H camp for a little while, and I got to live at summer
camp for an entire summer. My summer job was “wrangler” for the
horseback riding. I thought I was John Wayne!

What words do you over use most?
“Basically,” and “I.”

In one word how would you describe yourself in high school?

In one word how would you describe yourself now?

What is the greatest journey you have been on?
adopt my son Kaysha from Russia, I had to look all over the whole world
to find the most marvelous little boy in the world. I love to travel,
and Russia was amazing!

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
To know that I am fulfilling God’s purpose for me while I am here on earth.