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Joseph Bosiljevac, Jr., MD, PhD, Fellow of American College of Surgeons


Doctor Joseph Bosiljevac finished medical school at the University of Kansas in 1981. After a rotating internship at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, he underwent five years of surgical training. Later, during a 29-year cardiovascular practice in Emporia, Kansas, Bosiljevac observed that many patients improved using alternative health practices. During this time, he obtained a doctorate in natural medicine.


Currently, Bosiljevac practices age management and preventative medicine in New York City. Part of this involves stem cells. As patients get older, body parts wear out. Bosiljevac approaches stem cell treatment as wound healing. He uses methods such as the red-light laser and hyperoxygenation to stimulate healing. Patients must have good chemical and hormonal statuses before treatment. After treatment, patients recover with rehabilitation and activity. Measures are taken to try to improve wound healing and rejuvenation.


Eighty percent of Bosiljevac’s stem cell experience relates to joints and soft tissues. However, during his 10-year experience practicing in New York City, he treated systemic conditions such as heart failure, cirrhosis of the liver, multiple sclerosis and emphysema. He’s also performed limited cosmetic procedures and treated patients with systemic injections of stem cells for rejuvenation.


Bosiljevac uses both conventional and natural medicine for treatment programs. It is important to look at overall health as a factor in the healing process. In addition, Bosiljevac has had extensive experience in his surgical practice dealing with many body parts and medical conditions. He looks at the patient as an entire “human machine.”


Dr. Bosiljevac wishes to expand his stem cell experience to his home state.

What experiences can you offer?

▶︎My conventional medical training was in surgery. I operated and dealt with many body parts during my career. Surgeons take care of wounds, and I have more than 40 years experience with this. Other modalities such as Prolozone and the use of the red light laser are not consistently available in other practices. Light and oxygen are both essential for good wound healing. These are additional measures that have improved stem cell results in my practice.

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