Hostess Gifts That Actually Feel Special

Katie Currid



With the holiday season upon us, you'll likely be seeing a few more invites in your inbox. As you know, a good guest never arrives empty-handed.


Never fear, we have curated a sublime offering of delightful host/hostess gifts that will make sure you're at the top of any guest list. Local party connoisseurs say the goal is to bring something thoughtful that the host can savor later.


But first, let's talk about what NOT to gift.


Topping the list of the worst hostess gift ever is (drum roll please) potpourri.

Trapp and Company’s Steven Chester explains why it’s so awful.“Do you REALLY want to buy a bag of sweepings off some workroom floor? And did that Steuben bowl really deserve that? It can be attractive puffed up in the bag, but when first opened the intense fragrance hits you hard. And after days, weeks, months of just sitting there and collecting dust and pet hair it does start to look tired. Sure, the fragrance can be allegedly revived by adding fresh oil to whatever is now in that bowl, but do you really want to?”



Peanut Butter Chocolate Bites: $19.00, Trapp and Company

Finchberry Soap: $10.00, Trapp and Company

Picture Frame: $48.00, Trapp and Company

Handwoven Throw: $146.00, Trapp and Company

Log Placemat: $26.00 for set of 12, Cuorebella, Pryde's

Santa Gnome Ornament: $12.00, Trapp and Company

Kansas City Tea Towel in yellow-turquoise or turquoise-olive green: $16.00,Tammy Smith

Gold and Wood Servers: $49.95, Williams Sonoma

Woodwick Thyme Candle: $42.00, Trapp and Company

Gold Leaf Plate: $38.00, Annabelles

White Marble and Gold Coasters: $29.95 for set of 4, Williams Sonoma

Wood and Marble Platter: $59.95, Williams Sonoma

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