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Dr. David Laha

Doctor David Laha is a board-certified podiatric doctor at Kansas City Foot Specialists. He has been practicing in the Kansas City area since 1985. His extensive training has made him an expert in reconstructive foot surgery and sports medicine of the lower extremity.


“I think what makes Kansas City Foot Specialists stand out is our dedication to patient care,” Laha says. “When you come to us, our doctors take the time to listen, answer questions and explain everything clearly. We don’t rush in and out. It’s very important because patients have to help treat themselves, and to do that, they need to understand what’s expected to get the best results.”


Laha established his practice in 1985 and has two other doctors on staff:

Dr. Jennifer G. Phillips

Dr. Jennifer G. Phillips has specialized training in sports injuries, reconstructive foot surgery, stem cell injections and diabetic foot care. She has been with Kansas City Foot Specialists since 2004. “One of the things that makes us unique is that we deal with everything — all ages, all types of injuries, skin, toenails, bones, as well as any systemic illnesses,” Phillips says. “Our patients have active lifestyles, and we try to help them get back to them as fast as possible.”

Dr. Andrew M. Hall

Dr. Andrew M. Hall specializes in sports medicine, wound care, trauma, diabetic foot care and limb preservation. He joined the practice in 2013. “We have the newest technology and incorporate the latest treatment options, including shockwave therapy, stem cell injections and orthotic scanning,” Hall says. “We even have an on-site surgery center.”


Laha, who comes from a long line of educators, originally wanted to be a teacher and coach. While attending Kansas Wesleyan University, he played basketball and was an outstanding track and cross country athlete. He was inducted into the Kansas Wesleyan Athletic Hall of Fame in 1997.


While at a marathon in Dallas, he heard a podiatrist speak at a symposium. It piqued his interest, and the rest, as they say, is history. That speaker ended up being the director of the residency program in California where Laha performed his postgraduate training. They’ve been friends ever since.

Best Advice

►Best career advice: “Treat people the way you want to be treated,” Laha says. “I don’t treat my patients any differently from the way I would treat my family. I don’t try to talk people into things. I simply want them to know their options and choose the best one for themselves.”


►Best advice for patients: “If something’s not improving in a week or two, see someone!” Laha says. “I see patients who tell me they’ve been living with pain for four or five months. Don’t wait that long. Most foot and ankle problems are easier to fix when they are caught early.”

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