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Kansas City’s first OsteoStrong is now open in Prairie Village at 5320 W. 95th St. Owner Rachelle Worrall says that by age 53, she had lost considerable strength, primarily in her hands. After six OsteoStrong sessions, all of which required her to drive to St. Louis, the nearest location at the time, she could open jars again. “To feel stronger every day rather than weaker is unbelievable,” Worrall says. “I opened OsteoStrong in a temporary location while my permanent location, also in Prairie Village, is under construction. People ask, ‘Why not wait a few months to open in your permanent space?’ A few months is too long to wait. My father is 89, and he desperately needs more strength today. A few months could be the rest of his life. OsteoStrong has profoundly changed how I function on a daily basis. I want my family, friends and the community to have the opportunity to benefit from OsteoStrong now.”


About OsteoStrong

OsteoStrong is for all people of all ages — whether they’re athletes seeking a performance edge or grandparents wanting the strength to enjoy grandchildren. OsteoStrong is not a gym, supplement, diet or pharmaceutical. OsteoStrong unlocks physical freedom with Osteogenic Loading, a unique process that stimulates bone growth and often immediately results in significant gains in strength, flexibility, balance, energy and agility.*


The OsteoStrong Experience

In and out of our center in just minutes, members spend about 60 seconds of effort on four pieces of proprietary equipment only once a week, and they can come dressed in work attire. Our sweat- and pain-free circuit promotes growth trigger events through simulated force pressure, which targets various parts of the body and strengthens the entire body.


How OsteoStrong Works

The musculoskeletal system is the foundation of our body. The muscles are the horsepower, and the bones are the chassis that support them. Both need to get stronger together. How do we make them stronger? Scientific research has found that the stimulus required to trigger growth of healthy bone tissue, osteogenesis, is high impact — 4.2 times a person’s weight. This stimulus level can be safely and easily achieved with impact emulation at OsteoStrong.

Our skeletal system is wired to start deconditioning at about age 30. Anything that can be deconditioned can be reconditioned. OsteoStrong users have reversed their osteoporosis and lowered their HbA1c using Osteogenic Loading.

*Results vary by individual.

Did you know?

▶︎The central nervous system (CNS) regulates the strength of your muscles. Your CNS will not allow your muscles to become stronger than what your skeletal system can handle. Your muscles will weaken as your skeletal system weakens. By the same token, a stronger skeletal system supports more muscle.

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