Rustic Kansas City Venues

Red Barn Farm in Weston, Mo.


There’s no indoor location that can compete with nature for breathtaking ambience. 

Local wedding planner Carmen Hocking calls the 'natural venue' a trend that shows no signs of stopping. Even her newly-engaged daughter wants to take advantage of the natural vibe. “I would say that almost half of my weddings are now outdoors and utilizing a more rustic setting,” Hocking says. “People are loving the barn feel over the ballroom.” Donovan Diaz, owner of the Weston Red Barn Farm, says the company’s bookings for events are increasing substantially. “Nature never goes out of style,” he says. “Trends come and go, but people will always be drawn to nature.” 

Millennials may be responsible for the au naturel aura. Kansas City event planners say they feel it is less stuffy and more about creating an elegant yet still cozy feeling. Hocking says entertaining in a natural setting is no longer about a shabby chic aesthetic featuring mason jars and folks in cowboy boots. It’s matured into a more sophisticated milieu. Donovan agrees and says people are embracing the “less is more” mindset.

The secret is don’t try and improve on nature. If you are fortunate enough to have a gorgeous natural setting, let nature speak for itself and build your venue in a way that complements the setting. – Donovan Diaz

Popular Rustic Venues


Schwinn Produce Farm – Leavenworth, Kan.

Stone Creek Ranch – Rantoul, Kan.

Stone Hill Barn – Augusta, Kan.

Historic Taylor Barn – Lawrence, Kan.

Weston Red Barn Farms – Weston, Mo.

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