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Abid Bhat, M.D., MBA, is a professor of medicine, a sleep coach and a sleep medicine specialist certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. With over 15 years’ experience, Bhat firmly believes that high-quality sleep, along with proper diet and exercise, is one of the main pillars of good health. Over 70 million Americans suffer from sleep issues that make it difficult to fall and stay asleep, resulting in daytime fatigue, tiredness and irritability. Snoring, anxiety, depression, weight gain, high blood pressure, heart attacks, motor vehicular accidents and more are all linked to sleep disorders.


By helping people sleep better, Bhat believes everyone can enjoy healthier and happier lives. However, rather than relying solely on medication, Bhat employs a holistic approach to find and fix the root cause of sleep issues. By combining Western medicine with Alternative medicine, Bhat helps patients not only reverse sleep disorders, but also improve their physical, emotional and psychological health. Sweet Sleep Studio also focuses on sleep health among women and high school students who are at a higher risk of having poor sleep.


Bhat completed his fellowship in sleep medicine at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He also earned his master’s degree in business administration from the UMKC Bloch School of Management in 2014. He shares his knowledge of sleep and its role in health frequently, whether it be at local and national lectures, or in reputable national and international research journals. Bhat is often featured on local news channels as well, where he shares his expertise in sleep medicine.


Call Sweet Sleep Studio at (913) 309-5963 to set up a one-hour appointment or home sleep study, and start improving your sleep, health and life today. All major insurances are accepted.


Patient Testimonial:

▶︎“Great Sleep Doctor! I have “resisted having a sleep study for many years. The thing that made it easy this time was that I could take the sleep study at home without having to go into a lab for testing.”

▶︎“Excellent Care! Dr. Bhat was exceptionally compassionate, professional and demonstrated significant competence during my first visit. We had a great conversation about my goals,concerns, and needs due to financial limitations. I cannot recommend Dr. Bhat more highly and will recommend him to patients in the future!”


The Holistic Sleep Center for all sleep issues!

Did you know?

▶︎Poor sleep impacts virtually all aspects of human life, including personal, marital, social and occupational well-being. Seeing a sleep doctor does not always mean having a sleep study in a sleep lab or having to use a CPAP machine. Sweet Sleep Studio offers home sleep tests that can be performed in the comfort of your own home. We also work closely with a number of local experts in the Kansas City area who provide alternative options for the treatment of sleep apnea in addition to the CPAP machine.

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