Throw a Pet Party

Pet parities are on the rise.


There’s never been a better time to be a dog or a cat because Kansas Citians are CRAZY about their pets.


In fact, if you haven’t thrown a birthday party for your pet do you really know what true love is?

Last year Americans spent $70 billion on their fur kids. 66% of smitten pet owners say that their dog or cat makes them happier “in the long run” than winning the lottery. Now that’s something worthy of a party.

Erika White, the manager of Treats Unleashed in Leawood, says that she’s seen a “significant increase” in the number of people buying birthday items for their pets.

Birthday party at Bar-K

“You would think that it’s just ‘small dog’ people doing it, but we’ve done birthday cakes, cookies and party favors for Labs and Great Pyrenees.”

Let’s back that up a bit; umm, did she say party favors? That’s a solid yes, and there’s also party hats, clothing, goodie bags, coordinated theme décor, and games all geared to throwing the best pet fête ever. 

Lisa Rockley Cline, owner of Petey’s Playhouse Pet Services, plans dog birthday parties for fur babies and says it’s a thriving business. 

“It is much more common these days for pets to be a part of your family. We travel with them, they sleep in our beds and for many people they are true family members. Celebrating the time you share with them each year only seems natural when you think about it that way. Besides who doesn’t love watching their pet eat a slice of birthday cake?”

Dropping some major coin on a birthday party for your pet may sound ridiculous but when it gets right down to it shouldn’t–unconditional love should be celebrated?

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