Vince Brown

Favorite physical feature:
My shaved head.

Most embarrassing moment:
Not in this lifetime.

What are you most proud of?
The most meaningful thing is that some people think enough of me to allow me to help them work toward their physical goals.

What’s the one thing you’ll never understand?
Jealousy. First, it’s a major
sign of insecurity. Second, it’s only damaging to the person who feels it until
it manifests itself in ways that affect others. Third, it only means that the
jealous person doesn’t trust his or her mate. Being angry with the third party
(real or perceived) is wasted energy. Nothing, from a kiss to coitus, can happen
without the consent of the object of your affection. Now, if that third party
starts “actin’ a fool” that’s another situation entirely. Fourth, do you really
want someone that no one else wants? I don’t. I want heads to turn. Be
complimented when someone appreciates your choice. Generally, I believe a
slight, satisfied smile that says “He’s/she’s goin’ home with me,” works very

I gotta give another: The comb-over. Fellas, if you don’t like the fact
that you’re going bald, why draw attention to the fact that you’re going bald?

Drink of choice:
Iced Tea.

Favorite food:
Filet, medium, but I don’t eat it very

Worst habit:
I have a tolerance for clutter.

What do you look for in a woman?
Favorite fantasy in 1986, “To find the woman that I dreamed of as a shy
adolescent and have her be just as she was in my dreams- warm, intelligent,
beautiful, self-assured, a woman with some vestige of the little girl in her
personality. Strong though sometimes she just needs to rest her head on my
shoulder. When we dance she lets me lead. She doesn’t just dance with her feet.
We fit together like Brooke and her Calvins.” Still applies. You have to be a
certain age to get “Brooke and her Calvins.”

Favorite treat to give yourself?
A great (uninterrupted!) movie from the ’30s or ’40s and a chocolate sundae minus
the whipped cream and cherry. Simple.

Life motto:
“A man’s gotta know his
limitations.” -Harry Callahan

Signature scent:
Obsession for Men.

What are the
three luxuries you just can’t live without?

If it’s a luxury, you can live
without it.

What is your favorite body part on the opposite sex?
Glutes- round,
not too wide. “Baby got back!” is not my battle cry. Sometimes too much of a
good thing is as bad as not enough.

Do you sleep on your back, side or stomach?
Side or stomach. I snore on my back.

Dream Car:

Online dating-yes or no?
Reading someone’s self-description can be like reading fiction. Some of the
women get into these long, deep, ethereal explanations of who they are. That’s
too much for me. I like my suspense on the big screen. I guess that’s a “no.”

Style icon:
No trendsetters, mavens or anyone in particular. My style of dress
is conservative, inexpensive and simple. It doesn’t go out of style.

Favorite season:

Favorite place to go to meet singles:
Never happens when I’m
looking, so wherever it happens would be my favorite.

Would you rather be a
little smarter or a little sexier?

Sexy is in the eye of the beholder. I’ll take
the brains. Smart can be sexy.

What makes you laugh?
Richard Pryor.

What celebrity crushes did you have as a teenager?
Florence Ballard (The Supreme on the left).

My first kiss was:
Much later than most of my peers.

A pefect day would be:
Sleep in, great workout, eat well and often, time with good friends, a
good college football/basketball game, sunny, warm, great movie, massage, wishes

Recent impulse purchase:
40″ LCD TV.

Most recent trip:
Las Vegas,

Favorite book:
Helter Skelter.

Favorite childhood memory:
Growing up in Lawrence, Kan.

What words do you over use most?
“Crap,” I use that
one frequently.

In one word how would you describe yourself in high school?

In one word how would you describe yourself now?

What is the greatest journey you have been on?
From shy to progressing.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
You mean after winning Powerball? A life lived in accordance
with The Serenity Prayer would be great. Highs and lows, but not a
roller-coaster ride. To do pretty much what I want, when I want and with whom I
choose would be excellent.